Couples Therapy


Couple Weekend Intensive Experience

A cleaning and healing therapeutic day to deepen your connection to your loved one.

Perfect for high intensity issues or when time is limited. Your location or mine.

This half-day or full-day Couple Intensive Therapy Program is individualized for you and your partner. This program provides an intense therapy experience for couples seeking deep and lasting changes to their relationship or resolution of complex conflicts.

You and your partner will get my undivided attention during the intensive couple therapeutic day which is individualized to heal and strengthen your bonds or, to finally get closure on the direction the commitment should take.

Call or email me about time and cost-effective propgram. The Couple’s Intensive program can be modified to one or two-day experiences. Online counseling and your location are possible. We will individualize the times you are in session for your convenience.

What to Look For in an Experienced, Competent Marriage Counselor: The Do’s and Don’t of Marriage Counseling

Do’s of Good Couple Counseling

  • The therapist is caring and compassionate to both of you.
  • The therapist actively tries to help your marriage and communicates hope that you solve your marital problems. This goes beyond just clarifying your problems.
  • The therapist is active in structuring the session.
  • The therapist offers reasonable and helpful perspectives to help you understand the sources of your problems.
  • The therapist challenges each of you about your contributions to the problems and about your capacity to make individual changes to resolve the problems.
  • The therapist offers specific strategies for changing your relationship, and coaches you on how to use them.
  • The therapist is alert to individual matters such as depression, alcoholism, and medical illness that might be influencing your marital problems.
  • The therapist is alert to the problem of physical abuse and other “red flags” and assesses this in individual meetings whether there is danger.

Dont’s of Bad Marriage Counseling

  • The therapist does not take sides
  • The therapist does not permit you and your spouse to interrupt each other, talk over each other, or speak for the other person.
  • The therapist does not let you and your spouse engage in repeated angry exchanges during the session.
  • Although the therapist may explore how your family-of-origin backgrounds influence your problems, the focus is on how to deal with your current marital problems rather than just on insight into how you developed these problems.
  • The therapist does not assume that there are certain ways that men and women should behave according to their gender in marriage.

From: W. Doherty, Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in a World That Pulls Us Apart. 
New York: Guilford Press

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