Child and Teen Therapy

Many teens and children today are having trouble adjusting. After all, there are many pressures for kids to deal with including friends, peer pressure, family tensions and school requirements. Sometimes all these demands result in behavioral and attitude problems. The goal of an teen, “tween” and child therapy program is to achieve a positive and lasting change. My goal is to assist teens, children and their families in understanding the issues influencing their problems and to come up with workable solutions.

WHEN TO SEEK HELP: Look for patterns of behaviors rather than a single incident.

  • Academic problems.
  • Disrespectful, obnoxious and/or defiant behaviors.
  • Authority problems or extreme shyness or dislike of school.
  • A feeling that something serious is happening.
  • Questionable friends or lack of friends.
  • Tensions in the home.
  • Problems with the law.
  • Depression, anxiety or anger issues.
  • Substance abuse including alcohol, pills, or marijuana.
  • Kids can’t explain their troubling behaviors or are obviously lying.
  • Teachers and caregivers express concern.
  • Learning and/or attention disorders (Diagnosis of ADD, depression or anxiety disorders).
  • Volatile temperament
  • Family problems (such as depression, substance abuse, marital strife)

Treatment Approach

  • Combination individual/parent sessions
  • Family Therapy
  • School Involvement
  • Solution-Oriented

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