Parenting Help

Skilled Counseling For Parents and Kids!

Are you frustrated with parenting challenging children? Are you stuck on what to say and do when your child acts out? Has your teen tuned out? Are you seeing an escalation of defiant, avoidant or obnoxious behaviors? If so, family counseling may be for you. The solutions are there is you think out of the box.

We’ll examine potential red flags and barriers. We might discuss potential problems regarding social networking and internet safety. Here are some common questions parents want answered: How much is too much when it comes to computer and texting? Is it teen “angst” or a mood disorder? How do I handle the homework challenge? What do I do about bullies and mean kids? What happened to the joy in our family life?

I have spent years working in various capacities with children, “tweens” and teens. For example, I ran a group home for teen boys and I raised three daughters. Parents are often unprepared to guide their kids in this quickly changing world or divorce and remarriage, texting and Facebook, reality shows, homework overload and busy schedules.

Here are a number of warning signs with kids:

  • Academic problems.
  • Depression, anxiety or anger issues.
  • Cell phone and computer overuse and secrecy.
  • Lack of respect towards authority figures.
  • Refusal to follow rules.
  • They tell you they want to talk to “someone”.
  • Hurting themselves or saying that they do not want to live
  • Saying they are different from others or they are bullied.